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Spruce (Norway)

Picea abies
Several towering Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce, or Picea abies, is a large, fast-growing conifer that holds its color well throughout the winter and is probably the most popular evergreen. Branchlets do become pendulous as the tree matures. The texture of the young tree is fine to medium, but becomes coarser as the tree matures. This tree can be used alone as a specimen or in groupings. An adaptable conifer, Norway Spruce tolerates clay soils and marginal growing conditions moderately well. When choosing a planting location for this tree, be sure to allow plenty of room for the fast growth. Mature height is 40'-60' with a 25'-30' spread. Norway Spruce is native to the mountains of northern and central Europe east to the Urals and is probably the most widely planted evergreen.
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