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Serviceberry cultivars

Amelanchier x grandifolia

A four season ornamental, the Serviceberry cultivars begin the growing season with a brief but showy display of pure white flowers in April. The summer foliage is attractive as well as the tasty fruit which appears in June. The fall color is a spectacular display of orange or red or a combination of the two and is effective for up to two weeks. The striated bark and branching structure lend winter interest. Thrives in partial shade shade. Early pruning to develop structure is beneficial both to the health and aesthetic beauty of the plant. Available in both clump and single-stem forms.

The ornamental attributes are most effective when combined with other plants such as…
1. With an evergreen background to accent spring flowers and autumn color. White Pine is best.
2. With broadleaf evergreens such as Moonglow Magnolia.
3. With rugged structured trees such as Burr Oak.
4. In front of light-colored masonry to accent the structure.

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