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Tough Trees

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Underutilized Trees You Should Consider Planting

Life in the landscape is tough for a tree.

A tree is faced with competition from other plants, sometimes plants foreign to its indigenous environment. It is forced to coexist with buildings that may project reflective rays and wide temperature fluctuations. Worst of all, the vital soil in which it lives has often been disturbed and deprived of helpful organisms. In many cases, the soil is heavily compacted.

Successful landscaping involves not only taking steps to improve the environment, but also utilizing plants with tough constitutions, plants that have proven their worth in difficult growing conditions. Most of these plants have been tested in their native environments and have grown where most other plants would have simply curled up their root tips and died. Foresters refer to these plants as 'poor site indicators.' Most of these plants have limited commercial value but are excellent choices for the less-than-ideal situations found in disrupted environments.

So here are some choices that will stand a much better chance of not only surviving but also thriving in those almost impossible growing environments...

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers, 10 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. Please contact us for specific information on a tree of interest.

Oak (Swamp White)
Scientific Name
Quercus bicolor
Bold. Durable. And magnificent! In many ways, Swamp White Oak is similar to White Oak. They share the same aura of nobility with wide, spreading canopies of similar size. Both are in the Whi...
Pine, Bristlecone
Scientific Name
Pinus aristata
Bristlecone Pine is a native of the western United States. Extremely slow-growing, it makes an excellent choice either for rock gardens or as a foundation plant. Bristlecone Pine is a reliab...
Redwood (Dawn)
Scientific Name
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Gentle Grandeur Soft foliage.
Insect and disease resistance.
Fluted trunk and lovely bark.
Fast growth.
Burnt-orange fall color.
Storm-damage resistance.
An all...
Smoketree, American
Scientific Name
Cotinus obovatus
American Smoketree is an ornamental plant in its own right. A tough tree, it grows naturally in rocky outcroppings in the lower Midwest. The flowers are insignificant, but the billowy hairs...
Spruce (Oriental 'Gowdy')
Scientific Name
Picea orientalis 'Gowdy
Selected from the graceful Oriental Spruce, Gowdy is, unsurprisingly, a first-rate ornamental. Three characteristics separate it from the rest of the species: smaller size, informal growth,...
Tupelo, (Black) 'Wildfire'
Scientific Name
Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'
Black Tupelo is a beautiful native landscape tree known for its exceptional fall color. The cultivar 'Wildfire' offers an exciting addition with its reddish new growth adding splashing color...