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Dogwood, Red Twig

Cornus serica 'Red Gnome'

A shrub Dogwood with excellent rich summer foliage, good fall color and if cut to the ground every spring, the one year old stems maintain an eye-catching red in the winter. The showy white panicles of late spring flowers turn into an even showier fruit. The flowers attract butterflies and the fruit attracts birds. This plant has a stout constitution and will grow in some of the most inhospitable conditions.

If left to itself, Red Twig Dogwood will grow 6-8' high and wide with fine flowers and berry drupe fruit that attracts birds. An alternative is to utilize as a small shrub of about 4' by coppice pruning. Coppice pruning involves cutting a woody plant to ground level every one to two years. While this eliminates the flower and fruit attributes, the stems will provide a fantastic show in the drab winter landscape. The new growth will grow rapidly in the spring allowing you to have a plant with four season appeal.

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