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Woodlawn Tree Inventory

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Underutilized Trees You Should Consider Planting

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers, 5 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. We grow, sell, and install big trees also. We can handle trees up to 8” in diameter and up to 30’ tall. You can have instant shade and instant screening at a modest cost. Our compact equipment enable us to place large trees in small areas. Please contact us for specific information on a certain tree of interest.

Maple, Snakebark

Scientific Name:
Acer pennsylvanicum
Snakebark Maple is an understory native that is rarely used in the landscape. A somewhat picky performer, it does best in moist, well-drained soils with light shade. If the proper conditions...

Mountain Ash (Korean)

Scientific Name:
Sorbus alnifolia
Mountain Ash are beautiful trees, but most do not perform well in the landscape. Korean Mountain Ash, however, is more pest-resistant than most other members of its genus. Korean Mountain A...

Oak (Black)

Scientific Name:
Quercus velutina
A common tree in the Appalachian forests, Black Oak is rarely found in nurseries and, unfortunately, is seldom planted. With its rich, glossy foliage, Black Oak is possibly the best shade tr...

Oak (Chestnut)

Scientific Name:
Quercus montana
The Chestnut Oak is native to difficult growing sites in the Appalachian Mountains. Due to this, it thrives capably in contemporary landscapes, even in those with less-than-ideal growing con...

Oak (Red)

Scientific Name:
Quercus rubra
Of all the Oaks, Red Oak is the most distinguished for its bold, clean trunk and branches. The smooth bark is striated in long vertical sections with the smooth, raised surface contrasting w...

Oak (Scarlet)

Scientific Name:
Quercus coccinea
High in the mountains on dry, rocky ridges in obviously inhospitable growing conditions, the Scarlet Oak flourishes. Because of its lower lumber value, foresters consider it a second-rate sp...

Oak (Shumard)

Scientific Name:
Quercus shumardi
The Shumard Oak is an endangered species in the forests of Pennsylvania, as only a few groves exist in Adams and Fulton counties. As an urban or suburban tree, the Shumard Oak is much super...

Oak (Swamp Chestnut)

Scientific Name:
Quercus michauxii
The Chestnut Oaks are known for their tolerance of difficult locations and the Quercus michauxii is no exception. This tree has the lightest-colored bark and the best fall color of all the C...

Oak (Swamp White)

Scientific Name:
Quercus bicolor
Bold. Durable. And magnificent! In many ways, Swamp White Oak is similar to White Oak. They share the same aura of nobility with wide, spreading canopies of similar size. Both are in the Whi...

Oak (White)

Scientific Name:
Quercus alba
A truly grand tree! Noble, majestic, and durable both in appearance and in actual performance, I find this tree inspirational in all seasons. White Oak is never gaudy or flashy but always so...