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Hophornbeam, American

Ostrya virginiana

A small to medium sized, native shade tree. And quite nice with its flaking bark that somehow blends perfectly with the medium green foliage. Fall color is yellow. Bark and structure make a nice addition to the winter landscape.

This is a tough tree and will tolerate clay and drought well but may become tired and tatty looking in late summer if growing conditions are difficult. This tree will blend nicely with most plants. While never sensational in any season, it is almost always pleasing in a comfortable sort of way.
Hophornbeam is a versatile tree that can be used both as a specimen tree in the front lawn or as an accent plant at the corner of your house. It also makes a great under story tree in a naturalized situation.

Hophornbeam is often used a substitute for American Hornbeam. It will tolerate droughty conditions better but does not tolerate wet soils. The habit is more open than the American Hornbeam and is superior in summer, however, fall color on the American Hornbeam is more effective.

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