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Tupelo, Black 'Red Rage'

Nyssa sylvatica 'Red Rage'

Red leaves of the Black Tupelo 'Red Rage'

Black Tupelo 'Red Rage' is at home in almost any landscape. Like all Black Tupelos, it has a strong central leader with horizontal branching that rarely sustains storm damage. A dogged performer, it can handle a wide range of growing conditions from poorly drained soil to dry. Black Tupelos are also long-lived trees with centuries-old individuals to prove it. Black Tupelo 'Red Rage' is an improved cultivar with clean, glossy summer foliage and brilliant red fall color.

Growing 40'-50' high with a 20'-30' spread, Black Tupelos can be situated in a wide variety of locations in the landscape. The horizontal branching is valuable for stabilizing solid backgrounds.

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