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Tupelo, Black 'Green Gable'

Nyssa sylvatica 'Green Gable'

Red leaves of the Black Tupelo 'Green Gable'

This is my favorite Nyssa sylvatica cultivar. Black Tupelo "Green Gables' has all the positive attributes of the species: tolerance of tough growing conditions, excellent fall color, horizontal branching, etc. The differences are as follows: even glossier summer foliage, brilliant red fall color, and a pyramidal form (hence the name ''Green Gable''). This also gives it a perfect silhouette in winter - truly, four-season performance is on offer.

This tree will tolerate a wide range of soils: wet and poorly drained, dry, clay, and compacted. Because of the consistent pyramidal form, Black Tupelo 'Green Gable' makes a lovely 'Allee' or can fit any other situation where a formal appearance is desired. Like the species, ''Green Gable'' grows 40'-50' tall with a 20'-30' spread.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#15 1.25-1.75"5-8'$159