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Elm (Triumph)

Ulmus x ‘Morton Glossy’

Most fast-growing trees are fraught with problems but the Triumph Elm is a notable exception. Place this tree in a difficult location and it will not only tolerate its lot in life, but flourishes in situations where a lesser tree will curl up its root tips and die. In addition to tolerating dry and compacted soils, this tree is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, Elm Leaf Beetle, Elm Yellows, Phloem Necrosis and many other problems that plague most elms. The habit is reminiscent of our native American Elm, but with a finer texture.
As always, plant responsibly. This tree can grow quite large. Be certain the site is suitable to the tree.

This tree has the foliar appearance of Ash trees and makes an excellent replacement for Emerald Ash Borer victims.

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