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Spruce (Suncrest)

Picea abies 'Suncrest'

Suncrest Spruce tree
A cultivar of Norway Spruce, 'Suncrest', or Picea abies 'Suncrest', is a dwarf cultivar selected by a local plantsman, Greg Gulden of Mount Holly Springs, PA. The habit is very tight and compact in contrast to the parent plant which develops a large, open crown. The foliage color is a rich, dark green. The outline is conical and the size predictable, yet irregular enough to give it a relaxed appearance. This is a versatile plant. It's compact enough to be used in small landscapes or even as a foundation plant and makes a great Dwarf Alberta Spruce replacement both in appearance and culture. Suncrest Spruce also makes a great accent plant.
Table of tree prices
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