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Spruce (Oriental 'Gowdy')

Picea orientalis 'Gowdy
Long needles of the Oriental Spruce (Gowdy)
Selected from the graceful Oriental Spruce, 'Gowdy' is, unsurprisingly, a first-rate ornamental. Three characteristics separate the Gowdy Oriental Spruce, or Picea orientalis 'Gowdy', from the rest of the species: smaller size, informal growth, and slate-grey stems. The literature puts the mature height at 8'-10,' but I suspect that it will usually exceed that. The foliage emerges a soft, light green and matures to a rich, dark green. This tree, like the species as a whole, tolerates shade better than most spruces. Very pleasing in snowy winter, Gowdy is a lovely specimen plant for small spaces.
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