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Maple, Snakebark

Acer pennsylvanicum

Snakebark Maple is an understory native that is rarely used in the landscape. A somewhat picky performer, it does best in moist, well-drained soils with light shade. If the proper conditions are present, Snakebark Maple makes a pleasing sensation in the landscape. The leaves are a rich medium-green, turning a butter-yellow in the fall. Possibly no tree has bark as variable as Snakebark Maple. During late winter/early spring, the bark exhibits a medium-green with white striations. As the season progresses into early summer, the white becomes more dominant as the stems gradually change to a more modest green background with black striations in the fall. This tree is especially useful in a naturalized landscape as an understory tree. For best effect, place it in front of a dark background to accent the bark and/or among trees with red fall color to add to the autumn palette.
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