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Silverbell 'Wedding Bells'

Halesia carolina 'Wedding Bells'

Green leaves and trunk of the Silverbell 'Wedding Bells' cultivar

'Wedding Bells', is an improved cultivar of Silverbell with larger but more compact flowers. These flowers are pure white and practically glow in the dusk or early dawn, making them even more distinctive than the already sensational flowers of the species. Like the parent Silverbell, flowers persist on the tree for ten days or more, and even after the blossoms fall, they form a lovely carpet on the ground below. Also like the regular Silverbell, 'Wedding Bells' should make a fine understory plant, tolerating semi-shade but also flourishing in full sun if adequate soil conditions and moisture levels are present. A small tree maturing at 25’-30,' Silverbell 'Wedding Bells', or Halesia carolina 'Wedding Bells' will give you few instances of insect or disease problems. Fall color is a pleasing yellow like the parent plant.

Place 'Wedding Bells' against a lawn background, and you will be able to enjoy both the spring flowers (which are most effective in front of a green background), and the informal growth habit and winter fruits, which are highlighted by a snow-covered landscape. Like the species, 'Wedding Bells' performs very well as a naturalizing plant at the edge of a woodland, especially in front of a dark background for floral contrast.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#151.5-2"5-6'$159 (summer 2020)