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Silverbell (pink)

Halesia monticola ‘Rosea’
Green leaves of the Pink Silverbell tree
Pink Silverbell’s ( Halesia monticola 'Rosea') delicate spring beauty is intoxicating! The bell-shaped blooms are the primary ornamental feature of this native, medium-sized tree, native to the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia.. The Pink Silverbell is a fine-looking plant the rest of the year as well with its lush summer foliage and attractive winter fruits. Silverbells are remarkably trouble-free, with almost no insect or disease problems.The structure of this cultivar tends to be more well-mannered and uniform when contrasted with the white Silverbell. It also requires much less early pruning to produce a symmetrical form. Pink Silverbells typically grow 20'-40' tall with a slightly smaller spread.
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