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Maple (Purpleblow)

Acer truncatum

A tough, medium-sized beauty that tolerates urban conditions quite well, Shantung (or Purpleblow) Maple can exhibit a burst of reddish new growth accented by the green older growth. This trait, however, is variable; some years feature excellent displays, while other years exhibit only a brief tinge of red new growth. Yellow spring flowers also emerge with the spring growth. The habit is relaxed. Shantung Maple can show brilliant fall coloration, but this also is variable from year to year. Leaf spot can be a minor problem. Always a worthy landscape plant, it is, at its best, spectacular. Grows 30’-40’ high and wide.

Shantung Maple is best used as a specimen. It can also be used in groupings, especially with evergreens.

Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#303-3.5"12-14'sold out
#453.4-4"12-14'sold out