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Redbud, 'Tennessee Pink'

Cercis canadensis 'Tennessee Pink'

Pink buds of the 'Tennessee Pink' Redbud

'Tennessee Pink' cultivar of the Eastern Redbud, or Cercis canadensis, is different in several ways from the species. 'Tennessee Pink' Redbud produces red flowers in the beginning stage that open to a clear pink instead of the normal purple-pink. Like the species, these flowers bloom for 2-3 weeks in March-April before the foliage emerges.
The fall color is yellow, in contrast to the yellow-green of the rest of the species. The fruits, which are flattened legumes 2"-3" long, mature in early autumn. Tennessee Pink Redbuds are also slightly smaller trees than the species Eastern Redbud, growing 15'-20' tall with an equal-sized spread.

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