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Redbud, 'Rising Sun'

Cercis canadensis 'Rising Sun'

A tree's foliage can seldom give its flowers a run for their money, and especially not when the Eastern Redbud is in focus. But the 'Rising Sun' Redbud's leaves manage to do exactly that. As the flowers begin to wane, the foliage emerges, starting out as a golden-yellow and giving way to a peach hue. As the leaves change to red, each one takes on the look of the morning sun rising among a green and golden sky. It's a scene that's hard to beat!

The first Cercis canadensis Rising Sun tree was discovered in 2006 by Ray and Cindy Jackson of Jackson Nursery in Belvidere, Tennessee. It was of unknown parentage, had been planted in 2004 from collected seed, and was growing in a row of nursery seedlings.

Like most plants, Redbuds are happiest in moist, well-drained soils but will tolerate moderately difficult growing conditions. Situate the 'Rising Sun' Redbud in a prominent place, preferably among darker-colored plants. 'Rising Sun' is of medium texture, making it very versatile. Grows 8'-12' tall and wide.

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