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Redbud, Chinese 'Avondale'

Cercis chinensis ‘Avondale’

Pink flower clusters on the branches of the Redbud Chinese 'Avondale'

Lovely flowers and lush foliage set the Chinese 'Avondale' Redbud in a place by itself. The flowers make a sensational early-spring appearance about two weeks before C. Canadensis and cover every branch from the smallest lower twigs to the most prominent upper limbs.

This Redbud was discovered in the Auckland, New Zealand, town of Avondale and was first grown commercially circa 1975. Smaller and with a tendency to be more ‘shrubby’ than our native Redbud, Cercis Chinensis 'Avondale' does not usually grow more than 15’ tall. Light shade and moist, well-drained soils seem to be its preference.

You can plant the Chinese Avondale with confidence; it will almost never disappoint!

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