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Redbud, 'Alley Cat'

Cercis canadensis 'Alley Cat'

Green and white leaves of the Redbud 'Alley Cat'

This is one of those sensational plants. Redbud 'Alley Cat', or Cercis canadensis 'Alley Cat' is a striking ornamental with pendulant leaves that appear to be splashed with white paint. Many variegated-white plants will scorch in the sun but not 'Alley Cat.' The green-and-white mottled effect will remain crisp and clear throughout the summer. 'Alley Cat' was literally discovered growing in an alley in Louisville, Kentucky by plantsman Alan Bush.

As with any Redbud, a bit of afternoon shade will keep the foliage vigorous and fresh and avoid the tired look in the hot summer months. Redbud 'Alley Cat' is an accent plant and should be used as such. It looks best at close range; place it near a walkway, patio, etc. Also, for best effect, locate the tree where a dark background will contrast with the foliage.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#15 1..5-2"5-8'$159