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Spruce (Oriental)

Picea orientalis

An evergreen with a very pleasing personality.
Fine textured with dark green color, This is possibly the most refined Spruce. New foliage is light green and contrasts nicely with the older needles. Makes a great appearance in the winter landscape with the dark green needles contrasting with a fresh snowfall.The foliage make an attractive addition to interior decorating. The obvious use for such an outstanding plant is as a specimen. Tolerates difficult growing conditions quite well.

One of the most beautiful, formal conifers. It can be used as a specimen in a prominent location. Another excellent option is mixed use. The best companion plants include...
1. Black Tupelo, American Hornbeam, Sweet Birch, Manchurian Maple to enhance fall color effect
2. Japanese Cornel, Silverbell, Serviceberry for spring floral effect
3. Place as a backdrop for River Birch. It will show off the white to salmon-colored stems

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