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Spruce (Oriental)

Picea orientalis

An evergreen with a very pleasing personality.
Fine-textured with dark green color, this is possibly the most refined Spruce. New foliage is light green and contrasts nicely with the older needles. Oriental Spruce makes a wonderful addition to the winter landscape with its dark green needles contrasting beautifully with a fresh snowfall.The foliage also makes an attractive addition to interior decorating. The obvious use for this outstanding tree is as a specimen. Tolerates difficult growing conditions quite well.

One of the most beautiful formal conifers. Although most often used as a specimen in prominent locations, mixed use is another excellent option. The best companion plants include the following:
1. Black Tupelo, American Hornbeam, Sweet Birch, or Manchurian Maple - for enhancement of fall-color effect.
2. Japanese Cornel, Silverbell, or Serviceberry - for enhanced spring floral effect.
3. River Birch with Oriental Spruce as a backdrop - for enhancement of River Birch's white- to salmon-colored stems

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