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Fir (Nordman)

Abies nordmanniana
Nordman Fir, Abies nordmanniana,
Tempering my enthusiasm for this tree is difficult! Majestic in character, the outline is striking and bold without being obnoxious. The rich foliage of the needles is a lush, dark green on top with a silvery underside, giving it a pleasing two-tone appearance. Best of all, the Nordmann Fir is one of the most trouble-free Firs in the Appalachian region. This is a large tree, maturing to a height of 70' or more. It grows slowly when very young, and moderately fast after the first few years. In its youth, Nordmann Fir is attractive. As it comes of age, it becomes bold and impressive, a tree to be respected. And it’s not afraid of summer. Nordmann Fir, along with the similar Turkish Fir, can be planted with confidence in environments where most Firs would languish. The obvious use for such a grand tree is as a specimen tree in a prominent location. If planted with other trees, be sure it is flanked by deciduous trees. If possible, situate it against the eastern or western horizons, where the sunrises or sunsets can accent its bold outline.
A majestic, bold conifer with outstanding dark green foliage.
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