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Dogwood (Japanese Cornel 'Lemon Zest')

Cornus officionalis 'Lemon Zest'
Branches and yellow flowers of the Japanese Cornel 'Lemon Zest'

Welcome to Lemon Zest, an improved cultivar of Japanese Cornel Dogwood, or Cornus officionalis! This selection was done by the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, and we are pleased to include it in our inventory.
The yellow flowers appear in late winter to early spring. They are larger than the species with a light lemon scent. Imagine beautiful spring evenings in your garden with this aroma on the breeze!
The young bark of the Japanese Cornel Dogwood 'Lemon Zest' is a beautiful, exfoliating copper color that gradually changes to the typical, mottled ash-grey-and-orange of the mature stems of the species.

Japanese Cornel Dogwood 'Lemon Zest' tolerates a wide variety of soils including clay and compacted soil. Place at a prominent location where the flowers will catch the eye and the lemon scent can be enjoyed even in late winter as a promise of the coming growing season! This tree also makes a beautiful complement to dark-colored evergreens in the spring.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#15.75-1.25"5-6'sold out