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Smoketree, American

Cotinus obovatus

American Smoketree is an ornamental plant in its own right. It is a tough tree occurring in rocky outcrops in the lower mid-west. The flowers are insignificant but the billowy hairs attached to elongated stalks on the spent flower clusters turn a smoky purplish-pink in midsummer giving the tree a most unusual and attractive appearance. This 'floral' effect puts on a show for weeks. Soft-green foliage turning a pleasing mid green in late summer. Excellent fall color. Corky bark. Tolerates high Ph soils and difficult growing conditions.So why isn't this tree used more?...indifferent plantsmen and naive public... This tough little performer is one of those horticultural secrets. Plant one and enjoy...

Many gardeners are familiar with the inferior European Smoke bushes with their purple and blue leaves but nothing beats the gentle, lime-colored foliage of this plant. Show off the foliage by planting among and in front of plants with darker colored foliage. Flowering occurs mid-late summer / use it to liven up the tired, season-worn landscape. American Smoketree has a medium texture so it can blend with a wide variety of plant textures.

Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#5 1-1.25"5-6'$59
#15 1.75-2"7-8'$159
#20 2-2.5"8-10'$199