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Maple, Manchurian

Acer mandshuricum

A small tree that's little known and rarely used.

Manchurian Maple is a trifoliate maple, closely related to the Paperbark Maple. Manchurian Maple has pleasing bark. The Paperbark even more so. But Paperbark is late to color in the fall. And late to leaf out in the spring. Not so with the Manchurian. Earlier to bed. And earlier to rise. And the fall color is sensational.

Landscapes are sometimes overwhelmed with unusual foliage color; a Blue conifer, a purple ornamental, a yellow tree here and a red tree there. The Manchurian Maple is one of those unassuming, yet comfortable and demure ornamental trees that provide a pleasant contrast to the gaudy display of unusual trees. The soft, early spring new growth invigorates the soul with the thrill that a new growing season brings. You can group it with early spring flowering trees to make a most sensational effect. Or you can use as a specimen. Or a corner accent or grouped with evergreens to accent the fall color. Actually, you can use it almost anywhere...

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