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Tupelo, (Black) 'Wildfire'

Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'

Black Tupelo is a beautiful native landscape tree known for its exceptional fall color. The cultivar 'Wildfire' has an exciting additional ornamental attribute to offer with its reddish new growth that adds a splash of color to the summer landscape. Foliage matures to a rich, glossy green that is resistant to fungal diseases. During the dormant season, the horizontal branches produce a layered outline. Hardy and resilient, Black Tupelo can tolerate urban soil environments quite well provided the Ph is not too high. Growth rate is slow to medium. 40-50' high and 20-30' wide.

To get the best effect Wildfire’s new growth, avoid planting among or in front of dark colored objects or trees. American Smoketree, with its lime green foliage, makes a wonderful companion plant. With its strong horizontal branching, Black Tupelo structure will serve as a visual anchor in the garden. And the structure makes an excellent silhouette in the dormant season so, if possible, plant where the outline is visible above the horizon. The blue sky will serve as a perfect background to the brilliant fall color.

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