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Magnolia, Sweetbay 'Moonglow'

Magnolia virginiana ‘Moonglow’

There's nothing quite like the lemon scent of the blooming sweetbay blossoms on an early summer evening. The creamcolored flowers, while very attractive individually, do not appear in large numbers at any given time to be visually overwhelming. Instead, the blooms appear a few at a time over a period of four to six weeks giving us a lovely aroma beginning about the first of June and lasting well into July. As the summer breeze stirs the leaves, the silvery undersides are exposed adding to the soft, ornamental beauty of the plant. The red fruit appears in late summer. Beautiful even in winter!

Sweetbays are native to marshy areas of Appalachia and tolerate wet feet better than most Magnolias. Available in clump or single stem. Pest and disease resistant. Never gaudy, just gently ornamental...

Sweetbay can be used as specimen, a corner accent and as an understory plant but possibly the best use is in front of brick or stone masonry. It also makes an almost perfect contrast plant to both broadleaf deciduous trees and evergreen conifers.

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