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Underutilized Trees You Should Consider Planting

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers, 10 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. Please contact us for specific information on a certain tree of interest.

Redbud, 'Tennessee Pink'
Scientific Name
Cercis canadensis 'Tennessee Pink'
Tennessee Pink cultivar produces red flowers in the beginning stage that open to a clear pink instead of the normal purple-pink of the species.
The fall color is yellow, in contrast to...
Scientific Name
Amelanchier x grandifolia 'Autumn Brilliance'
A four-season ornamental, the Serviceberry kicks off the growing season with a brief but showy display of pure white flowers in April. The attractive summer foliage, along with the tasty fru...
Scientific Name
Halesia carolina
Silverbell's bark is attractive, the fall color pleasing, and the summer foliage sensational, but the lovely, bell-shaped flowers trump all the other ornamental features on this under-used n...
Silverbell (pink)
Scientific Name
Halesia monticola ‘Rosea’
Pink Silverbell's delicate spring beauty is intoxicating! The bell-shaped blooms are the primary ornamental feature of this native, medium-sized tree. The Pink Silverbell is a fine-looking p...
Smoketree, American
Scientific Name
Cotinus obovatus
American Smoketree is an ornamental plant in its own right. A tough tree, it grows naturally in rocky outcroppings in the lower Midwest. The flowers are insignificant, but the billowy hairs...
Scientific Name
Oxydendron arboreum
The Sourwood is an understory tree, native to the southern Appalachian Mountains. The drooping, cream-colored summer flowers are unique to this sole member of its genus. The brilliant red fa...
Tupelo (Black)
Scientific Name
Nyssa sylvatica
Black Tupelo is a very refined native when properly placed. The foliage, glossy in the summer, exhibits spectacular yellows, oranges, or reds in the autumn. This tree usually maintains a str...
Tupelo, (Black) 'Wildfire'
Scientific Name
Nyssa sylvatica 'Wildfire'
Black Tupelo is a beautiful native landscape tree known for its exceptional fall color. The cultivar 'Wildfire' offers an exciting addition with its reddish new growth adding splashing color...
Tupelo, Black 'Red Rage'
Scientific Name
Nyssa sylvatica 'Red Rage'
This tree is at home in almost any landscape. Black Tupelo has a strong central leader with horizontal branching that rarely sustains storm damage. A dogged performer, it can handle a wide r...