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Genus Name: 
Nyssa sylvatica

They're tough and durable. They can thrive in poorly drained soils as well as dry uplands. Soil compaction? Not a problem. Black Tupelo is not only a dogged performer but also a beautiful addition to almost any landscape. The most outstanding feature is the foliage: glossy, dark green in the summer changing to a stunning array of orange and red hues in the fall. Another attractive feature is the horizontal branching which, with a little creative placement, can make an appealing statement in the dormant season.

The longevity of Black Tupelos are remarkable. There are living specimens that are hundreds of years old.

Black Tupelo, as a species, is a great tree in it's own right, but cultivars have been gradually developed in the last 20 years, producing even more trees that lend the perfect touch. But if you're looking for a natural and informal addition to your garden, the species is still best. The cultivars work best in formal landscapes such as specimens and Allee's.