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The Oak tree is one of the most loved tree genuses in the world because of its beauty and because of its status as a symbol of strength and durability. There are up to 800 species of Oak in the world.

There are two groups of Oak trees: the Red Oak group and the White Oak group. Chestnut Oaks then compose a subgroup under White Oak.

Trees in the Red Oak group have pointed lobes and dark, almost black-colored, bark. White Oaks also have rounded lobes with ash-grey bark on most species.

Oaks tend to have a majestic and rugged habit. Fall color varies from brilliant red and scarlet to muted yellow and brown.

At Woodlawn, we grow the following species:
In the Red Oak group / Scarlet Oak, Shumard Oak, Red Oak, Black Oak, and Nuttall Oak.
In the White Oak group / Swamp White Oak, Burr Oak, and White Oak. In the Chestnut Oak subgroup we have the Swamp Chestnut Oak and Rock Chestnut Oak.