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Lilac (Peking 'China Snow')

Syringa pekinensis 'China Snow'

The flowers are pleasing and the bark is sensational, especially in winter when we're all looking for that eye candy in the garden. The reddish bark is reminiscent of the Paperbark Maple and exfoliates in horizontal curls. The habit is open. Grows 20-30' high and 15-20' wide. Tolerates urban conditions and difficult sites moderately well.

Place this tree so that, in the winter, a snow covered landscape in the background accents the beautiful bark. The early spring foliage is very pleasing, especially when other trees are bare of leaves. The branches are slender and long and, if properly situated in the landscape, can have a pleasing dimensional effect. Long needled evergreens such as Pines make good companion plants.

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